Ai2P conducts contextual surveys which enable you to perceive the state of opinion in the Parliament as well as in the written press on the themes which interest you.

  • The Parliamentary context
    These surveys will provide you with an analysis of both the past and present parliamentary and legal context into which a reform enters.
  • An analysis of press spin-offs
    Similarly, depending on the way the written press interprets the consequences of legislative developments and laws, they do not have the same magnitude or proceed at the same pace. Therefore, it is judicious to analyse press spin-offs relating to a reform to gage the degree of interest but also the perception of journalists.

In this way, you will benefit from the full analysis of the trends of public opinion which may have built up around a text or a given sector of activity. These surveys will give you a better visibility in respect to the role players who are involved in the drafting of a text or who are following up on it. The surveys will inform you about the people who are role players, what their arguments are and the political or strategic reasons for their stands. It is the preliminary to all useful contact. They surveys are pertinent in respect to your goals and bolstered by a perfect knowledge of the arguments of your interlocutors.