French legislative and regulatory scanning

Ai2P ensures a scanning of its customers’ sectors of activity.

  • Follow-up of the drafting of regulatory and legislative texts
    In central administrations and ministerial cabinets, Ai2p follows-up the different stages which result in the drafting of decrees, circulars, ministerial orders as well as bill draft projects.
  • Parliament Agenda
    Ai2P regularly informs its customers of the development of the agenda of the French National Assembly and the Senate in terms of the work of commissions as well as the examination of texts in public session.
  • Follow-up of Parliamentary procedure
    The texts are followed throughout their examination by the Parliament. During the procedure, the projects and private bills, the reports and reports of commissions, the reports of public sessions, the pertinent amendments, the texts passed by each assembly, the text of the joint commission and the information reports will be sent and commented upon.
  • Procedure memos
    Ai2p draws up memos on the procedures which were followed - declared urgency, examination of the draft bill of finances, investigative commissions… - and on the different stages of the drafting of texts which interest you: examination in commission, passage in joint commission…