Ai2P helps you more effectively approach Government Authorities.

  • Appropriate interlocutors
    The goal of an action aimed at heightening awareness is not to overwhelm members of Parliament with documents but to approach the right interlocutor at the right time in the procedure and at an appropriate level of intervention. Ai2P identifies the parliamentary members who are directly concerned by the subject which interests you for you and puts you in contact with your interlocutors so that you can directly present your arguments.
  • Pertinent arguments
    The consultants of Ai2P help you to constitute your dossiers and prepare the arguments together with you which are best adapted to your problem and to the interlocutors with whom you are going to meet. In the same way, they guide you in the recommendation and the preparation of the technical documents which can be used during the parliamentary procedure.

The role of Ai2P is to bring our expertise in institutional circles and procedures to make your contacts with Government Authorities both easier and more effective.